Garlic Scapes


Certain types of garlic (known as the “hardneck” varieties) which grow in colder climates generate a long, spindly strand out of the center of the stalk. If left undisturbed, the “scape” will eventually flower – each flower contains 50-100 tiny little garlic seeds called “bobules.” Garlic can propagate through these bobules/ seeds, if planted or naturally-dispersed. However, if the scape is left to flower, the plant will send its resources to the flower rather than to the bulb, resulting in a smaller bulb – and nobody wants that! Therefore, most growers will remove the scape once it starts to get curly. The good news is that garlic scapes taste great! They are crunchy and have a mild garlic flavor. They can be enjoyed in a number of ways: sauteed with olive oil or butter with a bit of salt and pepper, roasted, grilled, used raw in salads, made into pesto, pickled… use your imagination! Even better – garlic scapes are a low FODMAP food, providing an alternative to people who otherwise cannot enjoy garlic. Flat rate shipping – $10 for any size order – so stock up!

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